Sunday, August 31, 2008

Arrogant as

Brett told us how when they were invited to China to do aerial gymnastics for the Beijing Olympics, one of the kids from the ensemble had bought a super powered laser light, of the sort that has recently been banned in Australia – a super powered laser that he bought at a street stall for fifteen dollars – and shone the light from the window of his hotel, dispersing the police in the street below and sending them running like ants in all directions, as the kid later boasted (or so Brett said).

The police had been furious as hell, Brett told us. They stormed into the hotel, demanding to know who it was that had shone the laser. Everyone knew who had shone it – even the police had been able to pinpoint the room – but the kid wouldn't admit it, and even tried to make it seem that someone else had shone the laser – his laser – that someone had stolen it and had somehow broken into his room to shine it.

This same kid got the super powered laser through customs into Australia. One of his friends had his Ninja star confiscated, Brett said, but that kid with the laser seemed to slip past trouble and was always a jerk and arrogant as.

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